Company Profile
About outlet(china)
New Modern Service Industry Comprehensive Investment Operator
Leader of China Outlets Industry
OUTLET(CHINA) was established in 2009 and is postioned as an outlets-lead new modern service integrated operator. It was also the first enterprise to layout Outlets industry in China.
OUTLET(CHINA) has focused on the research, investment, development and operation management of Outlets in Greater China.It is relied on the industry-leading development concept and operation strength, OUTLET(CHINA) establishes a “Pan Outlets Industry” , based on the European and American Outlets model and in combination with China’s national conditions?Development concept: take Outlets famous product discount stores as the leader, integrate urban planning, cultural tourism, business operation, cross-border trade, e-commerce, investment and financing and other fields, help local governments optimize development ideas and introduce synchronized global fashion life for cities.

Development Strategy
    Create a superior brand, lead market development
integrate international resources, and build a new urban center

Based on European and American mode and in accordance with China's actual conditions, it has put forward a new outlets business mode, that is to establish the concept of the pan-outlets format and develop a new urban center with discount sales of world-renowned luxury commodities as the core and supporting other commercial formats, high-end commerce, leisure and vacation, and high-quality living facilities as the pillar, and has creatively proposed "3+X" complex high-end commercial real estate operation mode in terms of strategic planning.
Economic and Social Value
Create a superior brand and lead market development
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